Everything we do plan and design is based on real-life experiences.

VPCS Consulting founder and Managing Director, Vincenzo Perez, has spent more than 25 years dealing with the daily challenges of busy F&B operations around the world, bringing that special expert's eye view to any of our projects.

VPCS Consulting is a "Boutique" consultancy firm.

We only work on a limited and selected number of assignments, as we believe that each project is unique and deserves that special expert's attention from the very initial stage until completion.

We don't execute repetitive works and we don't apply "copy and paste" design concepts from one project to another.

We perfectly understand the frustration of many Chefs operating in kitchens that look great but don't work efficiently, often forcing them to request additional or corrective investments.

A Chef who designs for Chefs is our simple but direct solution to many annoying and costly situations, occurring quite frequently in the  F&B business.

We are fully independent from any equipment dealer, brand or manufacturer.

We act in the interests of the client and based on the quintessential meaning of our consultancy role, therefore we advise but we don't impose, we recommend but we don't decide,  leaving the final investment decision to the client.

We don't believe that only the most expansive and top-of-the-range products deserve to be specified.

The success of a project depends on finding the perfect match of quality and price for the expected result.

We are constantly sourcing for new equipment, attending international exhibitions and evaluating the latest technologies and innovations, with the objective of offering the widest possible range of solutions to our Clients.

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